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We are flexible with the services we offer so that we can cover all aspects of an individual site’s horticultural requirements. We offer consultancy, material supply and contracting, individually or together.


We are able to offer an advisory service on your turf surfaces. This includes a site visit, a written report and a programme of work with material recommendations for the turf on site.

Material Supply

We supply all manner of professional quality turf products, including:

  • fertilisers.

  • grass seed.

  • liquid seaweed.

  • compost teas.

  • humic & fulvic acids.

  • linemarking paint.

  • algaecides.


Our contracting services include:

  • lawn maintenance, including aeration.

  • fertiliser application.

  • scarifying and spraying.

  • estate management.

  • herbicide treatment to gravel areas.

  • linemarking of sports pitches.

  • bowling Green maintenance and renovations.

  • cricket square renovation.

  • winter sports pitch renovation.

Soil sample to check soil quality and root growth

Please contact us about your individual needs.

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