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We have our own fertiliser range, which allows us the capability to offer bespoke fertilisers based in the unique requirements of your site. We work with a seed merchant which again allow us flexibility on the seed mixtures we can supply. We also supply flower seeds so you can create your own meadow area to walk through and create a rich haven for pollen loving insects.


A well balances soil is the key to the successful growth of any plant. We are a distributor for XL ProBio who manufacture a vermicompost, compost tea and a ready to use tea. These products are designed to increase the natural bacteria and fungi that are needed in the soil to create an environment for healthy plant growth. Not only do these products improve plant health and the plant’s ability to fight against disease, but they also reduce fetiliser input by up to a third on grass areas.

Seaweed is an excellent bio stimulant for all plants. SM6 is a top quality liquid seaweed, holding soil association “Approved” status for use on Certified Organic crops and can also be used on Conservation Grade crops. SM6 provides the plant with increased resistance to environmental stress, whilst encouraging root growth and improved general health.

Purity is a special all new organic micro fine grade soil conditioner made from plant extract, which is designed to purify the soil before the onset of spring growth and autumn/winter shut down. Purity provides soil with building blocks of organic matter, which stimulates all available nutrients to release steadily over a 6‐8 week period.


To ensure that we cover all linemarking systems we offer two paint concentrates, and a ready to use paint for sprayjet markers. We also have linemarking machines available for sale.

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